"Jerusalem News" CD

"Jerusalem News" CD


Israel and the World in Harmony - 22 Songs 


Instrumental Harp Music by Nechama Sarah Gila arranged and performed in the Old City of Jerusalem.


" Israel and the World in Harmony" interweaves songs of Israel with inspiring songa from other culyures. Nechama's harp harmonizes the soul music of the world with the heart of humankind - Israel.


1. Jerusalem of Gold

2. Yibaneh HaMikdash (Shlomo Carlebach)

3. G-d Spoke to Noah 

4. Reconciliation of Esav and Yaakov (original) 

5. B'nei Heichala (Children of the Palace)  ( Shlomo Carlebach)

6. El Condor Pasa ( Incan, Peruvian Tune) 

7. Beshem Avosai 

8. Listen to My Heart Song (Sufi Adaptation) 

9. Kumbaya (African) 

10. Chance for Love (original) 

11. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 

12.  K'Amar Hashem 

13. Tally Me Banana  (Calypso) [ Banana Boat Song - Harry Belafonte]

14. Zum Gali Gali (Israeli Pioneer Song) 

15. Uvau HaOvdim (Carlebach song for Jerusalem) 

16. Ashrei (flok harp tune)

17. Oriental sounds 

18. Mimini Michael (the song of the angels and the Shechina) 

19. Adon Olam ( popular Israeli tune) 

20. Keli Keli 

21. Mi Ha'Ish 

22. Hava Nagila 

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