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Silver Pomegranate Ring Saver

Silver Pomegranate Ring Saver


This exquisitely crafted pomegranate symbolizes health, fertility, abundance and spiritual/eternal life. As one of the celebrated seven species that grows in Israel, the pomegranate has become a popular Jewish symbol. At the heart of the pomegranate is an amethyst that recalls its many seeds. The pearl is classic elegance, the amethyst sends a message of strength and the crystal colors answer to personal tastes. In addition, to safeguard your rings if you remove them temporarily to wash, apply cream or for any reason, you can slip them easily onto this RingSaver pendant. Any woman who wants to celebrate life or enjoys the pomegranate design. Ideal for a bride for its meaning and as well as to safeguard her newly acquired rings.


Sterling Silver 925


Supplied with a silver chain of medium length


Size: 3 cm / 1.18 inch

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