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"Tefilat Haderech" -Traveler's Prayer CD

"Tefilat Haderech" -Traveler's Prayer CD


Tefilat Haderech ('The Traveler's Prayer) is based on the Psalms of David and the music of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.  Sixteen of his beloved melodies (out of over 2,000!) that are featured on Tefilat Haderech were chosen to accompany our travels as we move through this world with protection and blessing.  David’s Psalms, Rav Carlebach’s music, the sound of the harp played by Shoshanna Harrari and the flute played by Tamar Atias combine to create a musical experience that is both heavenly sound and a healing elixir for the senses and the soul.  (Instrumental only)


1. Tefillah Niggun - Prayer Melody

2. Mimkomcha - From Your Place

3. Shuva Hashem - Hashem Return our Captitvity

4. Gam Ki Elech - Thought I Walk 

5. Shomer Yisrael - Guardian of Israel 

6. Kah Ribon Olam - Master of This World and All Worlds

7. Elecha - To You. Hashem (Psalm 30) 

8. Hu Elokeinu - He is Our G-d 

9. Esah Einai - I will Lift up my Eyes (Psalm 121) 

10. HaNeshama Lach - Yours is the  Soul 

11. Hinei Kel Yeshuati - G-d is my Salvation 

12. Shalom Aleichem - Peace Upon You

13. Meloch Al Kol HaOlam - Reign Over the Entire Universe 

14. Yehi Shalom - May There be Peace 

15. B'Shem Hashem - In the Name of Hashem 

16. Tefillah Niggun - Prayer Melody 


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