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The Atlas Of Biblical Jerusalem

The Atlas Of Biblical Jerusalem


By: Dan Bahat


The Atlas of Biblical Jerusalem, which is excerpted from the more extensive The Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem, is a helpful and instructive tool for readers of the Scriptures and all who wish to visualize the Holy City as it was in Biblical times.

Jerusalem was at the apex of its glory and beauty during the last century before the destruction of theTemple in 70 CE. Herod had built many magnificent edifices in the city, with theTemple and its Mount as the crowning glory. These works gained fame, and the Talmud goes out of its way to describe the physical qualities of the city, which “took nine measures of beauty out of the ten with which the world was bestowed, leaving one measure to the rest of the world.”

This illustrated volume is based on the results of the latest archaeological excavations.


Soft Cover

48 pages

8.75 x 11.5 in. (22 x 29.5 cm)


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