The Old City Of Jerusalem - Chinese - 耶路撒冷 老城

The Old City Of Jerusalem - Chinese - 耶路撒冷 老城


"At last... a clear, attractive, and useful map of the Old City of Jerusalem... to show every detail that a visitor—or resident, for that matter—could possibily want... Nine out of 10." (Sybil Ehrlich, The Jerusalem Post)


On back: map of Jerusalem center and index to street names.


Language: Chinese
Scale: 1:2,800
20x27½ in. (50x70 cm), folds to 5¼x9¼ in. (13.5 x 23.5 cm)


ISBN: 978-965-220-885-9


考古遗迹开放区 • 围绕老城城墙漫步
• 苦路(维亚多勒罗沙)• 犹太教圣地
• 基督教圣地 • 穆斯林圣地 • 博物馆
• 瞭望台 • 公共厕所 • 壁画 • 酒店
• 青年旅馆 • 耶路撒冷中心



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