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The Temple Institute is delighted to present a new series of "eBooks" that will make material available to you in an easy to use format. eBooks are enviroment friendly and can downloaded to your computer for simple and convenient use. 
We have kept the cost of each eBook as low as possible in order to facilitate you being able to purchase the complete series.
Each eBook will take you an in depth journey to the Temple concentrating on one particular aspect. The eBooks in English are written by Rabbi Chaim Richman of The Temple Institute, in easy to understand language and are accompanied by numerous illustrations. The eBooks in Hebrew are written by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the Founder of The Temple Institute.
We are certain that you will find these eBooks both informative and inspiring.
Please note that this is a digital product that that is supplied to you as a download after completion of the purchase.
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