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A  Short Visit to the Temple Institute Exhibition

A Short Visit to the Temple Institute Exhibition


A 25 minute video-tour of the Temple Institute Visitors Center in the Old City of Jerusalem

Understand the significance of the Holy Temple to the Nation of Israel and to all of mankind.

Discover the monumental events that took place on Mount Moriah, the location of the Holy Temple.

The magnificent original artwork on display tells of the journey from the Tabernacle in the desert to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

View the impressive marble model of the Second Temple and understand its structure.

Gaze upon the gorgeous vessels, musical instruments and priestly garments that are ready for service in the future Holy Temple.


This movie is perfect for those who have taken the full tour and would like a memoir.

Additionally, for those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit in person – it is an awesome "sneak peek", leaving you with a taste for more.


 (Disk-on-key format for windows)


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