Crucible of History - Historical map of the Temple Mount

Crucible of History - Historical map of the Temple Mount


National Geographic Folding Map

 The first side is a thematic map of the Eastern Mediterranean region (i.e. Middle East) with Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the south, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Syria in the east with Turkey in the north and the island of Cyprus shown as well. The map includes explanations of historical and modern developments in the Middle East, including the inset of journeys by Abraham, and Moses.

The verso is called “Jerusalem’s Holy Ground” and shows, from top to bottom, the Binding of Isaac, The Rock, Solomon’s Temple, Herod’s Temple Mount and the Temple Mount during the Early Muslim period. It also shows cut-away drawings of Solomon’s Temple, Herod’s Temple the Dome of the Rock and has a timeline on the side.

Size: 75 X 50 ccm/ 30 X 20 inches

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