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El Templo de Jerusalem

El Templo de Jerusalem


A  Spanish compact guide to the Temple, Jerusalem and its history. This guide has beenm produced by the Temple Institute that contains articles , history and pictures pertaining to the Holy Temple and Jerusalem. 


  • Chronology
  • From the construction of The First Temple to the destruction of the Second Temple, by Mireille Hadas- Lebel
  • Map of Jerusalem
  • Speech of King Soloman
  • Flavius Joseph, Excerpt from the Jewish War
  • The Temple and its symbols
  • Jerusalem the Holy City
  • If the world knew, by Rav Haim Rosenfeld
  • The Techelet blue azure
  • And in thatday the House of G-d will be elevated, by Rav Menahem Makover
  • The Daily Service at the Temple
  • Women ijn the Temple
  • Excerpts from the Temple Encyclopedia
  • The 7 Laws of Noah
  • A museum to discover
  • Expo Tour


soft cover

48 pp

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