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Priestly white vestments, custom tailored for sale

Priestly white vestments, custom tailored for sale


Four basic priestly garments: tunic, pants, hat and sash, all made of bleached flax.

Each thread in the garment is woven from six threads.

Jewish law requires that they must be new and beautiful and without stains, in addition, they have to be made to measure.

The tunic is woven plain squares and the sleeves are woven separately and then sown on to the tunic.

The pants are worn around the waist reaching down to the knees, they are tied up under the tunic

with ribbons.

The hat is a type of a large cap covering the entire head. Atop is a round large button in the

middle of the hat.

The sale is for men of priestly lineage who are interested in

preparing themselves for the rebuilding of the future Temple.

Those who are interested, will be sent by email a measurement form to be filled out,

in order to be custom tailored.

The work is done by a highly qualified and talented seamstress and has

prior experience in this specific field.

Together with the garments, the special embroidered sash will be sent in a sealed bag due to the fact the is made from wool and linen that is forbidden to wear according to Jewish law (Deuteronomy 22.9.) and it is allowed only by the priests in the Temple.

Payment will be after the measurements are finalized.

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