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Temple Incense Pocket Jar

Temple Incense Pocket Jar


The Temple Institute has researched the source of the incense components for many years and has now reached the conclusion as to what those 11 components are.

The glass jar contains a mixture of 10 of these incense components and is ideal for use during prayer or meditation. It also makes a perfect besamim (fragrant spices) for the weekly havdalah (conclusion of the Sabbath) ceremony.

The mixture contains the following spices:











and is very close to the original recipie used in the Temple, missing only thye muscat nut bark.


This mixture can be smelled as is, or preferably burnt on hot coals or over an open flame. This will bring out all the wonderful fragrances of the incense mixture.


Jar diameter: 4.00 cm / 1.57 inches

Jar height: 4.00 cm / 1.57 inches


Please Note: It is forbidden to reproduce the sacred Temple incense according to the precise instructions received by Moses and handed down by our sages for use outside of the Holy Temple. All our incense products are created with care not to violate this sacred principle and can be enjoyed for personal use

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