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The HEBREW Temple Haggadah

The HEBREW Temple Haggadah


The Temple Haggadah written by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel is accompanied by Torah articles and colorful paintings that illustrate the experience of Pesach during the time of the Temple.

The "Haggadah of the Temple" is an attempt to convey something of this special holiday feeling to our generation. A feeling that for nearly 2,000 years of exile has been almost forgotten. With the help of the Haggadah of the Temple and the magnificent paintings that were made especially for this edition, the leader of theSeder and his family will conduct a joint journey to the magnificent past of the Jewish people and its glorious days when the Temple existed, and taste something of the Pesach experiences in ancient times.

Beyond the educational aspect, this Haggadah is intended to increase the yearning for the time when the sights of the Passover holiday will be renewed in Jerusalem, and the voice of the celebrants in the courtyards of the House of God will be heard in the cities of Judah and in days past.


Hard cover

112 pages

24.50 X 17 cm / 9.45 X 6.69 inches


This edition is the Hebrew version. The English translation and commentaries are available in the following version:

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