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The Palace of King David

The Palace of King David


"The historical discription in Two Samuel 5 of David and his Phoenician allies - those reputable builders who costructed his new palace - is immeasureably well suited to the arechological facts recovered in the excavations of the Large Stone Strutcture. The construction of the palace as a momentual extramural costruction accords well with David's vision to be expanded northward, onto Mount Moriah, where he planed to build the Temple". (pp.53-54) 


The preliminaray report nof the excavtions at the top of the City of David hill in 2005-2007 summarizes the main findings from the Chatolitic (the 5th millennium BCE) through the Early Islamic (the 11th century CE) periods and presents intial conclusions of great importance to the study of the ancient history of Jerusalem.



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