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The Seven Healing Fruits of Israel

The Seven Healing Fruits of Israel


by Shoshanna Harrari

“The Seven Healing Fruits of Israel” is written by known nutritionist Shoshanna Harrari, and gives a new and unique look at the seven fruits of Israel. Where many commentators have examined the spiritual side to these seven types of fruit and grain, Harrari goes even deeper examining their healing and medicinal properties. These include: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates. The book is instantly readable, and packed with anecdotes, and stories as well as a serious understanding of nutrition and science. 

Why were these 7 chosen over all other fruits? Harrari discusses her inspiration in writing this book. In a world full of preservatives and genetically engineered produce, these seven foods given forth by the Almighty, are to be the cornerstones of our lives. Each of them contains many important vitamins that are essential to our daily lives. Harrari maintains that were we to resort to a diet of only these seven fruits, we would be healthier in body and spirit. 

The book contans a chapter for each of the seven fruits, and each chapter is neatly structured for easy navigation. Harrari begins by showing the biblical background of each fruit, and quotes passages from the Bible and the Talmud explaining the significance of each. For example; In the Midrash Eicha, five hundred varieties of wheat are mentioned. She then discusses the nature of these fruits, such as the fact that grapes are actually berries, and members of the Buckthorn family. From there Harrari begins a lengthy discussion about the medicinal benefits of each of the items mentioned in the book. From the effects of Olive Oil on cholesterol, to the debate over seeded versus seedless grapes, there is nothing left out. She also discusses wine (Grapes) and Beer (Barley) and their effects on our minds and bodies. At the end of each chapter the author gives a wonderful assortment of recipes that incorporate the seven fruits. Some of the highlights include; Pomegranate Guacamole, Stuffed Grape Leaves, and a slew of natural Olive Oil salad dressings. 

One of the more interesting anecdotes quoted in the book is the story of a two-thousand year old Date Palm seed found at Masada. After carbon dating, the seed was brought to Kibbutz Ketura in the Negev and germinated. To the amazement of everyone involved the seed began to grow. According to Doctor Elaine Salon, this is the oldest seed that has ever grown. 


Soft cover
Full color 
200 pages

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