Third Temple Model

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The Third Temple as described by the prophet Ezekiel in his visions (Ezekiel 40-43) which will come in the end of days. 

A vivid and fully colored 'do it yourself' product, which includes very clear and precise, colored and detailed assembly instructions.

The golds and marble faux-finish gives the Temple an impressive and serious color harmony and forms. Inside the assembly instructions, you can find details on each part of the Temple, and then learn about it.

This product is suitable for kids and adults as well (from 9-99), and can be used as a usefull didactic and learning model in Synagogues, churches and even schools.

Assembled size: 
18 * 38 *38 centimeters
7.09 * 14.17 *14.17 inches
637 pieces for self assembly.

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