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Thy City Jerusalem: The Miraculous Rebirth of the Holy City

Thy City Jerusalem: The Miraculous Rebirth of the Holy City


By V. Littman

Thy City Jerusalem, recounts the miraculous rebirth of the Holy City, in our days. Designed with beauty, the 480 page volume contains over 240 photos (most of them colored), 86 personal interviews and important approbations. 

Although there has always been a smaller but constant Jewish presence in Eretz Yisroel, the majority of the Jewish people have been in exile from their Land for almost two thousand years. Recently, by Divine Providence, the Jewish people have been returning to their Land in great numbers. The seemingly unbelievable has taken place before our very eyes. Yerushalayim of today boasts the largest Torah-observant population in the world and contains the greatest number of Torah institutions. Who could have imagined that this would be the situation in our own times? What are the details of this modern-day miracle? It befits every thinking person to contemplate the significance of this super-natural development. Thy City, Jerusalem makes this undertaking thouroughly enjoyable. Readers will be swept up in the events of the rebirth of the Holy City – and the Holy Land. Based on meticulous research and verified personal interviews, the book’s well-documented information features famous figures of yesteryear and inspiring incidents from Jerusalem neighbourhoods. Many previously unknown stories come to light. Experience the 1948 siege of Jerusalem! What was it like to live along the Armistice Line of a divided Jerusalem? How was the Six Day War really won? What and where are the Ring Neighbourhoods? After reading this book, your prayers for Jerusalem will never be the same.

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